This semester, my courses within the Emerging Technologies Dept. include an Intro to Game Studies class, two sections on Intro to Game Design, and a Rhetoric of Games class. While each has its own goals and method, the domain (“games”) is narrow enough that readings and conversations from any one class are likely relevant to the other classes, too. For that reason, I’ll use this site as a means of extending and expanding upon content from all three classes.

This site is not a substitute for the course schedules, reading materials, and assignment notices available through the venerable Canvas “learning management system”. It is merely meant as a place where I can further develop our conversations and offer additional readings and resources.

Before we go, more in the ongoing series, Instructure funfacts(tm): A publicly-traded company, Instructure, the makers of Canvas, works hard to balance the demands of shareholders against the needs of the customer. That’s you! Customer! The executive leadership of Instructure appears to be (wait for it…) about 85% male and 100% caucasian. Instructure was bought out last year by Thoma Bravo, a private equity company run by billionaire Orlando Bravo, one of the 300 richest people in the world! He makes the globe’s top 1% look like losers! He’s in the top 0.00000391%! So great!

See you in class, dear customers!