Portfolio Videos

October 29, 2020 garrison worldbuilding, ims228, videos, examples, portfolio 1 minute, 25 seconds

update: Note that two pages are available to view, including a mocked-up Artifact page and a (somewhat drafty)Portfolio page.

Here are a couple of portfolio-oriented videos that (1) give an overview of the process; (2) talk about a few specific example portfolios as a way of saying what is working and what isn't; (3) talk about some techniques useful in Photoshop as you prep images for use in your portfolio; (4) look at a collection of images I'll use to build out a pair of portfolio pages; and (5) work through building those pages.

(The videos are slow to upload; check back if they aren't available to watch yet.)


Some sample portfolios

Example in situ edits in Photoshop

Posting an Artifact to the Portfolio

Getting Past Behance's Cruel Limits